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Idaho Probate Attorneys | Lawyers have more than 30 years experience with Idaho probate courts, probate law and procedure.  They are available to answer questions, provide guidance and assist people going through the probate process.  They handle probate cases throughout  Idaho including Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Fruitland, Payette, Weiser, McCall, Sun Valley, Lewiston, Coeur d'Alene, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls and Pocatello. They have excellent records as members of various professional organizations including the Idaho Bar Association, the Idaho Federal District Court and US Supreme Court.  Idaho Probate Lawyers are always happy to visit with you at no charge to answer your questions about Idaho probate law, probate courts, probate costs, procedures or whether or not you need to probate. 

Probate is a legal process for the administration of the estate of a deceased person.  There are different procedures available depending on the circumstances.  An Idaho Probate attorney | lawyer can help you through the process.  Sometimes there's a question whether probate is necessary.  Other times, there is a question of which procedure is needed.  Some probates can be handled through an informal or summary procedure and other times it takes a formal process.  One of the first steps is usually to get a personal representative or executor appointed by a probate judge so that they can administer the estate of the deceased person.  If a deceased person had a will, then the person they nominated in the will is most often appointed personal representative.  If they did not have a will, then the law of intestacy provides a list of persons with priority to be appointed.  The highest priority for appointment as personal representative goes to a surviving spouse.  If there is no spouse, then it goes to issue or children of the deceased.  Call an Idaho probate attorney | lawyer today for a free consultation.

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What is probate in Idaho?
  Probate in Idaho is the process by which legal title to property is transferred from the decedent's estate to his/her beneficiaries . . . MORE

How does the probate process begin? There are different procedures available with the Idaho Probate Court so the process depends on the circumstances and needs of the heirs.  Probate can be relatively simple. However, it often begins with the appointment  . . . MORE

Is probate required when someone dies?  Probate in Idaho is not required in all cases but it may be difficult or impossible to transfer certain assets of the deceased to the proper heirs without probate.  It's important to find out if probate is needed before deadlines happen    . . .

How long does probate take? Because there are different procedures available, the time involved may vary. The appointment of a personal representative or executor can usually occur quickly . . . MORE


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Idaho Probate Attorney Robert Montgomery has been helping people with probate legal services for more than 30 years. He provides fast and efficient service at a very affordable price. You can give him a call or email him any time and he'll answer your questions for free.
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