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Dear Business Owner:

Please give us a call or shoot me a quick email.  We enjoy visiting with business owners to see if we can assist them with our REGISTERED AGENT, LLC or INCORPORATION SERVICES.  I'm always happy to answer your questions.

Robert Montgomery
Idaho Registered Agent Services


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Registered Agent Service

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Attorney Robert Montgomery Provides Registered Agent Services For Business Owners

"Bob - I don't think you could make this any easier if you tried. One  fax and I was done. I appreciate the stress  free service. It's a pleasure to pay the bill."
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Serving Idaho Businesses for More Than 20 Years

My law firm has been providing Idaho Registered Agent Services for more than 20 years.  We provide registered agent services to all types of businesses including, new limited liability companies, LLC's, corporations, professional offices, attorneys, engineers, doctors, accountants and many others. We provide services to domestic as well as foreign businesses entities.  Give us a call and we're always happy to answer your questions. While it is true that a person can act as registered agent for their own company, this is not always the best idea if there is not some one at the physical address on a regular basis in the event legal papers need to be serviced. If legal papers are service on your company, then it is important that you receive them promptly so that you can deal with them appropriately. Having an Idaho registered agent other than yourself, will help insure that service of papers goes to the proper place.    .